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Gremlins strike at the heart of the Tribunals Service?

Having experienced hard drive failures, vanishing files and the windows “blue screen of death” I can sympathise with anyone who has technical problems with their PC or IT systems. But I would expect an organisation with the resources of the Tribunal Service to be able to get to grips with issues in their IT system.

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Published: 05 Oct 2018 | Author: Paul B

What’s sauce for the goose …

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Published: 21 Sep 2018 | Author: Paul B

The Personal Independence Payment Claim Review

A tale of a PIP review delay

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Published: 07 Sep 2018 | Author: Paul B

We're not scroungers you know

Attendance Allowance is not-means-tested and is to help people over 65 with disability-related daily living costs.

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Published: 28 Aug 2018 | Author: Paul B

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