Change of Circumstances

Reporting changes when you are receiving Attendance Allowance

Have the circumstances in which you applied for Attendance Allowance changed?

When you are receiving Attendance Allowance it is really important to review periodically whether your circumstances remain the same as when you applied or if they have changed.

A change of circumstance could be as simple as a 'change of address' or if you move GP Surgerys for example but a change in your health is also a change of circumstance.

If you are feeling better, or indeed worse, the level of Attendance Allowance you receive may go up or down.

For example, if you are currently receiving the higher rate of the allowance but your health has improved and you no longer need the same amount of help as before you might not be eligible for the higher rate any more and you might, therefore, be placed onto the lower rate of Attendance Allowance.

If you currently receive the lower rate of Attendance Allowance and you condition has become much worse then you may well be entitled to the higher rate of the allowance.

Because there are financial penalties for claiming too much Attendance Allowance it's really important to review your circumstances regularly. 

Benefit Answers can help, we regularly help clients review their circumstances to make absolutely sure the level of Attendance Allowance they receive is right for them.


What is a change of circumstance?

This is a list of all the ways your circumstances might change that are relevant for your Attendance Allowance claim:

  • Your health condition changes (gets worse or improves) and the level of help you need changes,
  • You go into hospital,
  • You go into a care home,
  • You leave the country for more than four weeks,
  • You go into prison,
  • You change your name, bank details or address,
  • You no longer want to receive Attendance Allowance,
  • Your doctor's details change (new surgery address, different doctor),
  • Your immigration status changes (if you are not a British Citizen).


Going into hospital or a care home

If you go into hospital or a care home while you are receiving Attendance Allowance you need to call the Attendance Allowance helpline to let them know.

This doesn't automatically mean you will stop receiving Attendance Allowance but the DWP still need to know.  

You'll be asked to provide details such as the date you entered hospital or care and the date you left hospital or care.  You will also be asked to evidence how the stay was paid for.

You do not need to inform the Attendance Allowance helpline if you attended hospital for a checkup or a routine appointment but you do need to inform them if you go into hospital unexpectedly and stay there for a period of time.


I've been paid too much Attendance Allowance

If you have received too much benefit because your circumstances have changed, you may be required to pay some or all of it back.

This would be the case if:

  • You did not report a change immediately,
  • Gave incorrect information,
  • Were overpaid by mistake.


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