How we work

The best way to give your claim every chance of success is to get help from a professional adviser.

With BenefitAnswers you get:

  • a one to one interview with an advisor usually over the telephone
  • your personal claim form
  • as many amendments as needed until you are happy with the form
  • the form posted by first class registered post to the DWP and tracked

Here's how it works

Claiming benefits such as Personal Independence Payment or ESA involves completing a lengthy claim form. The answers you give go a long way to deciding if you get the benefit so it is vital to get the form right and worded in the correct way.

We look at how your medical conditions affect you. We know what is relevant, what to ask you and how best to explain to the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) what it's like for you day-to-day.

Better still we will retain a copy of the form we complete for you so on each occasion we will be able to update your circumstances without introducing any contradictions that might arouse suspicion with DWP decision makers.

For those receiving contribution based ESA is it essential to remain in the support group to avoid the ESA ending after 365 days and therefore even more essential to get the form right the first time and every time!

From June 2016 there was a change to the PIP Award Review process. Claimants with an existing award may be sent a new shortened version of the 'How your disability affects you form' (AR1). PIP say that it "will be quicker and easier for claimants to tell us what has changed about their health condition or disability since their last assessment. DWP Decision Makers (DMs) will look at the information the customer provides on the form, along with any new supporting evidence and information from the previous assessment to decide whether they can make a decision without referring the case to the assessment provider." So again it is vital that your claim form is completed accurately and is consistent with what you have said before. We will be able to refer to the copies of your claim forms that we have completed for you to try to avoid the need for a further face to face assessment.

A higher chance of success

According to the DWP statistics, just 45% of new claims for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) have been successful where the claimant is not terminally ill. The success rate for DLA to PIP transfers is currently 69%.

Our success rate for PIP claims is 72%, for DLA to PIP is 92%, for Attendance Allowance is 98% and for ESA, 90% of claims are successful with over half being placed in the support group.

The numbers speak for themselves, you have a better chance of a successful claim if you have our help.

We have helped with over 2,000 claims just like yours, securing benefit payments in excess of £1.2 million. We have an overall 86% success rate across all claims and appeals.

No win no fee

We help with claims on this basis. We complete the claim form with your input, send it to Department of Work and Pensions and then handle all administration. So, there is no stress, no complications and no immediate cost to you.

Our fee is calculated as a percentage of any arrears of benefit you receive. We do not ask for anything from your ongoing weekly or monthly benefit payments. If your claim is unsuccessful then we don’t charge a fee.

We are offering to help with your claim for a percentage of money that will not come from your savings but from what the Government owes you.

Let BenefitAnswers help with your claim!